Simple Girl Sweet Vinaigrette Salad Dressing 16oz - Sugar Free - Diabetic Friendly - Vegan - Carb/Gluten/Fat Free - Low Calorie Diet Friendly - 1 Bottle

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This Sweet Vinaigrette Salad Dressing from Simple Girl is ideal for people who prefer to eat as naturally and healthily as possible, as well as for anyone who is watching their weight or on a strict sugar-free, low calorie diet. This super healthy salad dressing is 100% sugar free and contains no artificial sweeteners. Rather, it is sweetened with a diet-approved brand of organic stevia; a natural substitute for sugar. As a result, this healthy salad dressing has a very low glycemic index. This means Simple Girl Sweet Vinaigrette is not only suitable for sugar free diet plans, but is diabetic friendly too. It is also completely free of carbs, gluten and fats; has an ultra-low calorie count – only 3 calories/serving; and a low sodium count – only 70mg/serving, making this healthy vinaigrette compatible with most low calorie, sugar free diet plans. These include: Dr. Simeons Protocol – Nutrimost – Prolean Wellness – Ideal Protein – Shape Reclaimed – Weight Watchers – Atkins – Omnitrition and more. Plus, this ultra-healthy salad dressing is all natural, contains no preservatives or MSG, and is 100% vegan friendly.

Simple Girl Sweet Vinaigrette can be used as more than just a healthy salad dressing on green or pasta salads. It makes for a delicious dipping sauce and is perfect for enhancing the tastiness of fresh vegetables like carrots, tomato, cucumber, asparagus, spinach, cabbage, onion and celery. It also makes a great guilt free marinade for BBQ meat and seafood dishes or adds flavor when drizzled over tofu. The full body flavor of this all natural Sweet Vinaigrette makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle and low calorie diet simple and fun. So give your meals a super healthy burst of flavor with a serving of this delicious sugar free salad dressing – stock up on your Simple Girl Sweet Vinaigrette Salad Dressing today.

  • 100% SUGAR FREE – With Diet-Approved Brand of Organic Stevia Sweetener – Contains No Artificial Sweeteners – Suitable for Diabetics/Sugar Free Diet Plans
  • ULTRA LOW CALORIE – Only 3 Calories/Serving – Low Glycemic Index – 100% Carb/Gluten/Fat Free – Contains No MSG/Preservatives – Healthy Vinaigrette
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY – All Natural – Makes Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle Easier
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST DIETS – Including: Dr. Simeons Protocol – Nutrimost – Prolean Wellness – Ideal Protein – Shape Reclaimed – Weight Watchers
  • HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS – Has Full Body Flavor – Can Be Used as Vinaigrette/Dipping Sauce/Marinade

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